Ten Thirty Eighters

For my sins I am the captain of the Ten Thirty Eighters skittles team. I have been captain for quite a few years now and we have had several home alleys in Bath – some well before my time. In some sort of chronological order we have played at…

  • Rising Sun, Grove Street 1984 -> ?
  • UBSA Club, University of Bath 1988? ->
  • Green Park Tavern, Lower Bristol Road, Bath (only a few weeks ’cause Karaoke and Skittles don’t mix well!)
  • UBSA Club, University of Bath ? -> 2002
  • Royal Oak, Widcombe, Bath 2002 -> 2004
  • Ring O’ Bells, Priston 2004 -> Now

The team consists of nine core players and we have a pool of ‘Super Subs’.

Core Players

Super Subs

Steve Coombes
Chris Elley
Mark Elley
Tony Elley
Graham Elms
Nick Gathercole
Pete Taylor
Richard Weston
Bob Yardley
John Elley
Penny Iles
Adrian Rogers

An obvious question is ‘Why are we called the Ten Thirty Eighters?’

Well, at the beginning of time, 6X had a specific gravity of 1038 and that’s where we got our name from. 6X has changed gravity since but that’s no reason to change our name!